National Security Strategy

We provide strategic advice, capacity building and solution design across the spectrum of national security challenges, based on a unique understanding of security, practitioners' approach, global reach and cutting-edge technology



Our Unique Advantage


1.     Operational Experience

Lessons from operational experience are at the heart of every successful national security strategy. Highly skilled and trained in the UK military and intelligence units, the Othrys team uses knowledge and insight gained from Britain and around the world to devise effective strategy and successful implementation.

2.     Innovative Understanding of Security

Othrys has developed tools and methodologies that consider individuals and human psychology when solving national security problems. We examine the ‘human security’ dimensions of every security challenge to map all potential sources of threat for our clients and develop well thought-out solutions.

3.     Extensive International Reach

Our global network of associates, who have different backgrounds, languages, and specialities, positions us to operate in countries across Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and other regions. Othrys board members have operated successfully in over 70 countries and handle cultural and political challenges skilfully.

4.     Cyber Security Access

We are uniquely set to provide our clients with knowledge of, and access to, the best and most advanced cyber security solutions. Assurance regarding the quality of such products and access to their acquisition are essential to confronting national security challenges in the 21st century. 

5.     Core Values that Matter

Committed to the values inherent to public sector service, our processes are built on long-term client relationships and trust. From problem diagnosis to implementation, we are here for the journey, motivated by the desire to protect homelands and individuals, advance prosperity, preserve peace and enhance the influence of the good.